SOA Service Identification

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  • Top-Down : "a blueprint of business use cases provides the specification for business services. This top-down process is often referred to as domain decomposition, which consists of the decomposition of the business domain into its functional areas and subsystems, including its flow or process decomposition into processes, sub-processes, and high-level business use cases. These use cases often are very good candidates for business services exposed at the edge of the enterprise, or for those used within the boundaries of the enterprise across lines of business."
  • Middle-Out : "The middle-out view consists of goal-service modeling to validate and unearth other services not captured by either top-down or bottom-up service identification approaches. It ties services to goals and sub-goals, key performance indicators, and metrics."
  • Bottom-up: "In the bottom-up portion of the process or existing system analysis, existing systems are analyzed and selected as viable candidates for providing lower cost solutions to the implementation of underlying service functionality that supports the business process. In this process, you analyze and leverage APIs, transactions, and modules from legacy and packaged applications. In some cases, componentization of the legacy systems is needed to re-modularize the existing assets for supporting service functionality."

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  • Domain decomposition
  • Goal-service modeling
  • Existing system analysis
  • Business process analysis
  • IT System analysis
  • IT System Components wrapping