Architecture Diagrams

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Enterprise and IT Architecture diagrams you might want to deliver as an Enterprise Architect:

  • Architectural Overview
  • Goal Tree (Motivation Extension)
  • Business Process Map (Business Behavior)
  • Business Process (Business Behavior)
  • Business Actors and Roles (Business Structure)
  • Business Component Map (Business Structure)
  • Business Information Model (Business Information)
  • Business Locations (Business Structure)
  • System Context (Business/Application Structure)
  • Components (Application Structure)
  • Application Programming Interfaces (Application Structure)
  • Application User Interfaces (Application Structure)
  • Application User Interface (MockUp)
  • Application Functions (Application Behavior)
  • Logical Data Model (Application Data)
  • Physical Data Model (Application Data)
  • Inter-Application Flows (Application Behavior)
  • Intra-Application Flows (Application Behavior)
  • Sequence Diagram (Application Behavior)
  • Infrastructure (Technology Structure/Behavior)
  • High availability (technology Structure/Behavior)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Risk Analysis
  • Non Functional Requirements