Why would you like to meet me ?

You might want to meet me for the following reasons:

  • Innovation : you want something new and you want to design from scratch something that doesn’t exist yet or can be seriously improved. Make meaning :  increase quality of life, right a wrong, or prevent the end of something good (Guy Kawasaki).
  • Creative thinking: you need to think out of the box. It can lead to innovation but it can lead to doing things just a bit differently such that it changes the complete experience.
  • Problem solving: Your looking for a structured approach to solve problems.
  • Solution design and viability assessment:  Not only you have found a solution but you need to document it, draw it, evaluate it and make the business case of your idea.
  • Partnership: You’re looking for someone who will remain connected and concerned and will not hit&run.

The following 5 elements motivate me :

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Management & Team Work
  • Creative Solution Design
  • Marketing & Sales

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