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[Updated] Mobile App Development : my experience with Zend Studio

If you are looking for Mobile Apps development, have a look at Zend Studio.

This monday 28-JAN-2014, we managed to install Zend Studio and develop a web mobile app easilly.

We found ZendStudio to be much easier to setup and use than the Sencha  suite of tools (including Sencha Touch).

Zend Studio integrates Cordova and packages it easily to help you access the native functions of Windows, iOS and Android devices.

The nice thing with Zend is that is it allows you ton integrate plain html files and other javascripts in your project resulting in great flexibility in the app design.

The only glitch we had was a problem with the Android emulator which was not willing to start. I downloaded Bluestacks to test our application.


Update 17-MAR-2014

At the end of the day, we had several problems . Mainly for compiling Android apps with Cordova: the app couldn’t find the classes. Also Cordova was very slow for geolocation. So it looks good at first sight but there is still some work for the Zend Studio team.…