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The Design Thinking Process

Design Thinking is a process based on the collaboration between the users and a product designers to determine how to solve problems that the users have.

5 Steps to Build Perfect Web Sites Using the Design Thinking Process:

1. Empathy and Immersion

2. Define the Problems You want To Solve

3. Come Up with Ideas to Solve User Problems

4. Create Prototypes of Products to Solve the Users’ Problems

5. Test the Products with your Users


Source: read the integral article on the PHP Classes blog:

5 Steps to Build Perfect Web Sites using the Design Thinking Process – PHP Classes blog

Scenario evaluation with the 5W2H

When trying to determine the best TO-BE architecture, it can be useful to describe future scenarios. Each scenario can be described by the 5W2H method : Why ? What ? Where ? When ? Who ? How ? How much ? (QQOCCP in french).

You can then discuss the pro/cons as well as the obstacles and pre-requisites of each scenario. Once you know the preferred scenarios, it’s easier to draw the target (TO-BE) architecture.…