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From SOA Governance to Information Governance

Recently I have started working on Information Governance.

I have been used to work on SOA governance for several years and I find information governance seems at first sight to be  much more complex. To have an idea, look at at Mike2.0’s section on Information Strategy, Architecture and Governance offerings.

But I just had an idea. What if I substitute “Service” by “Information” in my typical SOA governance framework ?

Would it give a easy to understand and to apply Information Governance ?

To be continued…


An event I’d like to attend

– Meet new people
– Learn something
– Have a drink
– 18H20 Welcome with soft drinks
– 18H30 First technical talk by a peer who is a specialist in some field (20 min + max 5 min Q&A)
– 18H55 Second technical talk by a peer  (20 min +5)
– 19H20 20 minutes Break (softd drinks + sandwish for those already starving)
– 19H40 Talk by a special guest – ex: success story and lesson learned by top guy/women (between 30 and 45 minutes)
– 20H30 – Drink + something small to eat
–> 3 talks ==> more people interested and not boring+ you can arrive late or leave early
–> 3 breaks ==>  meet people and discuss is often the best part

PODC – what do managers do ?

PODC : Plan, Organize, Direct, Control

Managers plan, organize, direct, and control resources to achieve specific goals.

  • In planning, they set goals and determine the best way to achieve them.
  • Organizing means allocating resources (people, equipment, and money) to carry out the company’s plans.
  • Directing is the process of providing focus for employees and motivating them to achieve organizational goals.
  • Controlling involves comparing actual to expected performance and taking corrective action when necessary.

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A similar complementary accronym, more “action oriented”, is PDCA : Plan, Do, Check, Adjust.…