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Flipboard starts to edit magazines

Flipboard is a great eReading application on the iPad. It allows to read Internet feeds (like RSS) and transform it in a nice kind of eBook. You can flip the pages of your RSS feeds as if they were an eBook or a magazine.

Last week I suddenly received the following message from feedbooks (see screenshot) : “Starting today, eight renowned publishers will be testing an innovative new way to bring the timeless beauty of print media to the Web…”

This means that you can now use Flipboard to read magazines.

This is yet another way to read a magazine on a tablet (the iPad in this case). There are several ways to read magazines on a tablet : Woodwing, eLinea, Kobo, Zinio…

What is the best system ? It is too soon to tell, they all improve everyday. I believe the main success criterias will be the following :

  • Speed of download: some magazines consume way too much MB and take ages to download
  • Speed and ease of navigation, sometimes you get lost in magazines
  • Good content with opportune multi-media integration
  • Readability and Layout – sometimes there is too much text
  • A good mix between paid and free content
  • Content optimized to the profile of the reader
  • Well designed non intrusive feedback possibilities (comments, Social Networking…)