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Here is the DIGB-SA study Archimate model that has been built with Archi 2.6:

If you don’t want to install Archi, you can have a look at the model here:

I have received the authorization from my clients to publish it in order to:

  • Encourage the modeling practice and reuse among public libraries
  • Share with the Archimate community as an example

The model reuse is subject to the following  restriction:


This model is published for reuse by public libraries. It can’t be marketed, sold or resold.

This model has been developed by Jean-François Declercq in the context of the DIGITAL LIBRARY SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE study by ordered by:
– Bibnet vzw
– Vereniging van de Vlaamse Provincies
– Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest


PS: A Dutch version of this model is available at Bibnet (…

FRBR / RDA session

On 29 april 2013,  I had the chance to be invited at the library of Riches Claires in Brussels to attend a session by Françoise Leresche about FRBR and RDA.

FRBR and RDA will allow libraries to improve the visibility of their catalogs on the Internet by publishing chunks of structured information using the most recent semantic web technologies like RDF.

Here are some links about the subject :

Publishing books as Android/iOS applications is a new trend?

This question was posted on the Tools of Change for Publishing group on LinkedIn. Here is my answer:

The real trend is not apps. The real trend is the willingness to offer “interactive ebooks”. Or rather an interactive reading experience that contains multimedia, quizz, calculation, enhanced navigation, text to speech synchronization, games…

To offer that experience you have many options, for example :

make a website (better if you have huge contents, you can stream the content on demand)

make an ebook in PDF, ePub, Kindle. Even if the IDPF does his maximum, there are many challenges to achieve compatibility. On the other hand, you have the advantage of not locking your users in.

make an app and deliver your content via an application store. The advantages are that the programming environment is very rich and “under control”, you can have quiet large applications (popular games can be 1GB), many users have the compatible devices (smartphones, tablets). The disadvantages is that you lock your customers into the app and that the application store will ask you 30% of the final price, making it harder to make money.…

“Systeemarchitectuur Digitale Bibliotheek” Study for Bibnet (DIGB-SA)

Update 26 march 2014:  the study reports have been published.

In february 2013, we are starting a study on the future system architecture for digital libraries in Belgium/Flanders, orchestrated by Bibnet.

You can find the description of the sudy on their website : Een systeemarchitectuur voor de Digitale Bibliotheek.

We will mostly cover the development and the management of the libraries’ applications landscape and analyse how to balance the centralization and decentralization of the libraries underlying ICT systems.

But we will also spend some time thinking about some Business elements of the entreprise Architecture : which business processes will be impacted, which new business processes will emerge, which new roles will emerge, which new business collaborations…

Among the new business processes : the lending of eBooks or other digital material, the use of social networks to fullfil the library’s missions, the integration of the library systems with the other e-Gov systems (Culture, Regions, Provinces, Cities)…

I intend to use business and ICT capability maps to structure the the complexity of the libraries’ business.

But I will not work alone ! For this mission I can count on the collaboration of Rosemie Callewart ( and Ingensol (

If you know any good source for a library business map (organization, services, capabilities), let me know ! I can use it ! Otherwise we could publish such a library capability map end of 2013 after our study is finished (and if our customer agrees).

Project code : DIGB-SA…

Interesting article for the future of bookstores : co-opetition in the ebook market

“The lesson from co-opetition is that when barriers come down and markets open up, your best strategy might be to work with competitors in ways that make your customers’ lives easier.”

Publishing News: Tech industry history could inform bookstores’ road to recovery – Tools of Change for Publishing

Presentation of the VEP-IA Modules at the Boekenbeurs 2012

During the “day of the book sector” (“Dag van de boekenvak”), the 3 innovative modules of the VEP (Vlaams eBoek Platfrom) will be explained at the Boekenbeurs 2012.

“Presentatie drie projecten Innovatief Aanbesteden
In het kader van het Innovatief Aanbesteden heeft IWT 3 projecten geselecteerd en gesubsidieerd die interessant zijn voor de boekensector. In deze workshop presenteren we deze drie projecten”


Those modules have been briefly presented earlier this  year by Johan Delauré at the eReading Event in Gent. You can find the slides here :

In this project, my role is to design the integration of the 3 IA modules with the common e-book repository.…

A test for @booxtream ? Pirated copy of Harry Potter ebook discovered already.

One year ago, I had a discussion with Huub Van De Pol of about developing a social drm module for ebooks. Huub told me he was doing it already, so I abandoned the idea.
Now I read on the web that booxtream would be the drm solution for Harry Potter ebooks.
That would be a huge achievement for booxtream, but also a real test.

When I remember my discussion with Huub about all the hidden protection techniques of booxstream, I believe the pirate ebook will reveal who had purchased it. The next question is than, how do we find the pirate and annoy him in order to educate the market on the disadvantges of piracy. That’s the nasty part of social drm…


The first Pottermore ebook pirate has struck – Pirated copy of Harry Potter ebook discovered already.

Synopsis:  This morning, Nate Hoffelder has reported on his blog The Digital Reader (link below) that the first illegal copy of one of the new Pottermore DRM free Harry Potter ebooks has appeared on the web.

Read more on The first Pottermore ebook pirate has struck – Pirated copy of Harry Potter ebook discovered already….D

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