How to search for objects with name containing ‘?’ in SPARX Enterprise Architect ?

I had to search more than 2 minutes for this, so I post it.

The question is how to escape special characters in the SPARX EA search.

Answer : You need to escape the ? using square braquets: [?]

Since the wildcard is ‘*’, the SQL is

SELECT Name FROM t_object where NAME like ‘*[?]*’

Useful links:

Requirements mapped to actors

In this diagram I mapped all business requirements to the corresponding business actors. At the top we find the requirements families. The objective was to determine clusters of requirements that can be regrouped in target use cases (more than 50 in this case).

I have documented the method in this post : requirements matrix in archimate.


Critical flows

Critical flows show how the information flows from user to system and from system to system.…

SOA doesn’t clean

“SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) doesn’t clean the shit (in your IT landscape). It isolates the shit. After isolating you can clean it if you wish…”


Enterprise Architecture definition by Scott A. Bernard

“The analysis and documentation of an enterprise in its current and future states from an integrated strategy, business, and technology perspective”.

Scott A Bernard: An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture

What is a SOA Solution ?

The Open Group SOA Governance Reference Model (SGRM) uses the term “SOA Solution” for governed processes : SOA Solution Portfolio Management and SOA Solution Lifecycle Management.

But it doesn’t provide a definition od a SOA Solution.

Here is my definition of a SOA Solution :

“Any ICT solution that consumes or provides one or more SOA services”.