Presentation of the VEP-IA Modules at the Boekenbeurs 2012

During the “day of the book sector” (“Dag van de boekenvak”), the 3 innovative modules of the VEP (Vlaams eBoek Platfrom) will be explained at the Boekenbeurs 2012.

“Presentatie drie projecten Innovatief Aanbesteden
In het kader van het Innovatief Aanbesteden heeft IWT 3 projecten geselecteerd en gesubsidieerd die interessant zijn voor de boekensector. In deze workshop presenteren we deze drie projecten”


Those modules have been briefly presented earlier this  year by Johan Delauré at the eReading Event in Gent. You can find the slides here :

In this project, my role is to design the integration of the 3 IA modules with the common e-book repository.…

Slides of the Vep Information Session on Dec 1st 2011

This Dec 1st, 2011, there was an information session about the VeP (Vlaams eBoek Platform = Flemish eBook Platform) for the call to tenders for innovation.

During the session Johan Delauré of Bibnet presented a nice overview and summary the VeP.

See the slides here :


Here is the DIGB-SA study Archimate model that has been built with Archi 2.6:

If you don’t want to install Archi, you can have a look at the model here:

I have received the authorization from my clients to publish it in order to:

  • Encourage the modeling practice and reuse among public libraries
  • Share with the Archimate community as an example

The model reuse is subject to the following  restriction:


This model is published for reuse by public libraries. It can’t be marketed, sold or resold.

This model has been developed by Jean-François Declercq in the context of the DIGITAL LIBRARY SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE study by ordered by:
– Bibnet vzw
– Vereniging van de Vlaamse Provincies
– Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest


PS: A Dutch version of this model is available at Bibnet (…

Study Published: the system architecture of the digital public library

26 march 2014

The reports of  the study on the current and future system architecture of the  digital library have been recently published.

The term “digital library” is here used as a collective name for all of a library’s products, processes and services that are digital and/or automated.

The study summary lists the future work zones for the  Flemish Public libraries:

  1. Business intelligence (BI)
  2. IT maturity
  3. Web presentation
  4. Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  5. Digital Collections
  6. Collection Management and cataloguing
  7. Architecture consolidation (SOA)

The summary is available in French, Dutch and English:

The complete study has three main chapters :

  • Current system architecture of Flemish public libraries (AS-IS)
  • Evolution of the Flemish public libraries’ System architecture (change requirements)
  • The Future system architecture of Flemish public libraries (TO-BE)

The future system architecture is in fact a generic future-proof ICT blueprint for a public library. The blueprint is a set of business services, business processes, Applications, SOA Services and technological elements documented in the Archimate notation.

Business Services Overview

The complete study is available

I would like to thank the colleagues who worked with me on this study:

  • François Vermaut (IT Strategy, BPM, SOA, ITIL…)
  • Rosemie Callewaert (Public Library field expertise, User Experience, BIBFRAME, FRBR…)
  • Simon Kroeger (Proof reading english text)
  • Veerle Vanlooy (Vertalingen Vanlooy)

I also would like to thank the steering commitee (Bart Beuten, Jan BraekmanPatrick Vanhoucke ,Stefaan Froyman), all the workshop and participants. Their input has been key. I would like also to thank Alexandre Lemaire who helped me to compare the Flemish situation with the situation of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.…


Projects and References

  • Tribe Enterprise Architect @ BNP Paribas Fortis -via XPlus (2018-2020).
    • Transversal Digital Capabilities (TDC) tribe
      • Business Process Management (BPM)
      • Business Rules Management (BRMS)
    • Transversal Channel Capabilities (TCC) tribe
      • Records Management
    • Global Security
      • Real-time anti-fraud using AI
    • Customer Servicing Tribe (CSC) tribe
      • Client Service Center
      • Robotics (RPA and IPA, Robots using AI)
  • ING via XPlus (2019): Co-creation of a Business Architecture course.
  • PVGroup – Jan-Sept 2017 – IT Demand Excellence Manager
  • ORES – (Gas & Electricity) 2016: – Enterprise Architect for the connection of ORES to ATRIAS. Via Aprico.
  • Colruyt Group (Retail) June 2014 – December 2015 :  IT Solution Architect for
    • Product Information Management (PIM),
    • Information Management and Governance : Business Intelligence (BI), Data Governance, Master Data Management (MDM), DMBok, Metadata, Business Glossary…
    • In Store Mobile applications
    • SOA Governance and coaching
  • “Anonymous Startup” – Prototype (based on wordpress) for the generation of personalized e-books
  • Invensol (Retail) 2014:  Development of a new “web-catalogue” using prestashop
  • La barrique (Retail) 2014:  Analyse des besoins social média et e-commerce et proposition d’un plan d’action
  • Bibnet (Public Libraries)
  • Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles (Public Libraries), in direct and via W3Line
    • Etude sur la situation actuelle et les perspectives des livres électroniques dans les bibliothèques publiques et les librairies de la Communauté Française Wallonie-Bruxelles (cfr blog Lettres Numériques).
    • Consulting ICT Architecture et documentation de l’architecture du futur entrepôt numérique des bibliothèques publiques
  •, Meta4Books, Knooppunt (Publishing): Performance Audit of, Functional analysis of
  • Delta Lloyd Life (Insurance), via People&Technology: Redaction of RFP for the acquisition of a SOA Suite and Project management and support for getting started with the product :setup of an SOA Governance and guidelines on the basis of Oracle best practices, the Open Group SGRM and Thomas Erl’s book (see more details here).
  • VOO (Telecom), via CSBConsulting (BULL), Redaction of RFP for the acquisition of a SOA Suite
  • Notubiz (Digital Reading)- Business development, positioning of Notubiz eReading solutions in BE-FR
  • eLinea (Digital Publishing) – Business development, , positioning of eLinea’s eReading solutions in BE-FR

And many many more projects will follow…  Let’s work together ! Contact me.

Own projects

  • Stopped projects:
    • – a website about my Digital Reading projects
    • Kaipromo is a new service that aims at helping retailers to publish their promotions on Internet and Social Media in a SoLoMo fashion
    • #THMTAG is a social media platfom that helps people to get more out of social networks by using #themes and #tags. Read more on the thmtag site

Larger list of Projects

For additional  projects, see my CV.…


Digital Reading

The evolution of reading is digital reading, or eReading.

Libraries, Bookstores, Publishers, Book Authors and Distributors have to evolve and change their business processes to surf the digital wave.

Entreprise Architecture can help ! Here are some examples :

Visit to see how EA is applied in the context of Digital Reading or eReading.…


The Flemish eBook Platform (Vlaams eBoek Platform) RFPs are OUT

Yesterday (Nov 10th, 2011), there was great news : the VEP RFPs have been issued !

The specifications were finished in March, so it was about time that the RFP gets out.

One year ago, the specifications looked like that:

Now they look like that:

You can find the ful description of the target architecture on Bibnet’s website:

They should also land on IWT’s Innovation Platform’s website :

IWT, and Bibnet finally got a GO to issue 2 RFPs :

1. VEP Basisinfrastructuur

The Basic infrastructure to import store, describe and index eBooks.

2.  Pre-commerciële aanbesteding voor de realisatie van prototypes voor het Vlaamse e-boekplatform

This is rather a call for innovation from the IWT for specific modules : Digital Reading, “Discovering+Browsing+Searching+Finding+Serendipty” (Grasduinen), Social DRM, Search and Marketing services.