Requirements matrix in archimate

By | March 12, 2015

Structuring and graphically representing requirements can be challenging for large projects.  Today I figured out how to draw the equivalent of several pages in excel into one single archimate diagram.

The requirements are structured in 3 columns : requirement family, description and concerned stakeholders.

Using archimate I drew actors corresponding to stakeholders vertically, as a kind of first column. Then I drew all requirements families at the top as a kind of first line by using xxx of the archimate motivation extension.

Requirements can then be represented as a kind of cell in the actors/ family table.

In order to simplify the drawing and trace the requirements dependencies I used a simple association between actor and requirement and an aggregation relationship between requirement family and requirement. Actors can link to any requirement.

The result looks like this :



This needs to be done in several phases: after some modeling, clusters of requirements can be identified and the drawing can be reorganized by reordering actors and requirements to improve readability.

The next step will be to map requirements to the solution processes,  functions and components.

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