MODAF Viewpoints

By | May 22, 2014

Source: Introduction to MODAF v1.2 (PDF)

The MODAF (Ministry Of Defense Architectural Framework) defines several views for Enterprise Architecture:

The architectural views are categorised into viewpoints:

Strategic (StV) – defining the boundaries of the enterprise and its vision, goals and capabilities

Services (SOV) – specifying services, the interfaces they present and how they may interact (but not how they are implemented)

Logical (OV) – specifying how the enterprise is required to be logically structured and how it functions

Physical (SV) – specifying how organisational and system resources interact in order to deliver capabilities and services(OV).

Programmatic (AcV) – supporting information about when solutions are to be delivered and by whom

– Standards (TV) – listing the standards which apply to the architecture

All Views (AV) – metadata and standard terminology 

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