The Enterprise Architect

By | May 16, 2013

I just finished a slideshow about Enterprise Architecture for People&Technology.

Here is the contents of the last slide.

The Enterprise Architect:

  • Must have rather complete profile:
    • Understands the business
    • Knows the strengths/weaknesses of the complete application portfolio
    • Understands the technology required to succeed
  • Can compensate (nobody is perfect) if
    • Has an open mind and is creative (thinking out of the box)
    • Can communicate
    • Is eager to learn (business, applications, technology)
    • Establishes a method for documenting (or rather painting: architecture is an Art) the 3 architectures layers and their relationships
    • Is capabable of abstraction, can combine top-down, bottom-up and middle-out problem resolution techniques.
  • Can explain the gap between the current and the future architecture and propose concrete, actionnable transformation roadmaps
  • Can try to promote ICT architecture best practices (TOFAG, UML, ITIL…) at the business level but it’s not always a good idea (Ex: ICT Vs legal description of a product or service). Over an ICTer, I prefer someone who knows the business and has methods to document it in a structured way
  • Is a maestro at the service of the CEO : you are looking for Leonardo Da Vinci

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