Have a look at some eReading Solution Designs

By | August 9, 2011

You have again access to some of my eReading Solutions Architecture Designs.

Again ?

Yes. When I published my eBook (eReading Solutions Architecture) I decided to close the eReading Reference Architecture companion website. The reason is that I would like to know who reads what I write.

My approach in eReading is to look at the Architecture (AS-IS, TO-BE) and Goals before choosing or designing an eReading experience.

In order to better promote this approach I re-open the eRRA website wich contains some ideas I have on how to use eReaders and Tablets in B2C and B2B environments.

Let’s discuss !

I’m looking forward to interaction with my readers so please don’t hesitate to ask access to the website as a reviewer via this form : http://www.appepaper.com/reference-architecture/get-access

I hope to discuss eReading Architectures with you.


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