ePaper in Healthcare

By | June 17, 2011

In my eReading Reference Architecture I designed how ePaper Based eReaders (or tablets) could be used to help implement a decentralized Patient File. Extract from the Patient File Case:

Rather than trying to centralize all Medical information within the various Data Centers (Hospitals, Mutuality, Doctor’s practices…), this medical information could be stored on mobile patient’s files stored on a simple eReader. This eReader would store all patient’s health information: Medical records (radios, exam results), past and future subscriptions, past and present illnesses, allergies, blood type… The Patient would keep his medical record on the eReader USB stick. An archiving service would be proposed by the Government in case the eReader is lost or broken. Of course patient could backup their files at home on their PC on other tiers like Google Health.
On the eRRA website I have 2 diagrams illustrating the Patient File Scenario. If you are interested, ask for access here : http://www.appepaper.com/reference-architecture/get-access)

Here is an other example of using ePaper in healthcare: ePaper Patient Badges.

Fujitsu Creates First Ever E-Paper Patient Badges | Ubergizmo: “Fujitsu and Sapporo Shirakaba-dai Hospital have worked together to produce e-paper patient badges which for now they are currently aiming at just providing medical information as well as a queue number so patients will know when it is their turn, and will also help guide patients to the relevant rooms.”

See also http://www.appepaper.com/epaper-applications/healthcare

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