Amazon gives you 70% ? Not always…

By | June 10, 2011

With my ebooks I thought I would have a 70% royalty. Amazon gave me only 35%.

I didn’t get it until I saw this at the bottom of my KDP reports page:

“Note: 70% royalty option is only available for sales in the US, UK, Canada and Germany. Sales outside the US, UK, Canada and Germany receive 35% royalty. Please see Terms & Conditions for more details on how royalty payments are made.”
I think I have to find another way to sell my ebooks in Belgium because on a consumer price of $13,79, I finally get $3.50… While I set the price at $9.9…
So if you want I sell you directly the eBook via Paypal. It will be cheaper for you ($10 instead of $13,79) and I will earn more.

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