The HPub Format

By | June 9, 2011

Source : Foletto

Current HPub Draft 0.9 [2010-11-21]

1. Abstract

The HPub (HTML Publication) standard is a file format designed to release rich content books in a simple and manageable package.

2. The principles

We want a digital publishing format that:

  1. Allows great designs
  2. Allows both pixel-perfect and flexible reflowable publications
  3. Is simple for authors
  4. Is simple for parsers

3. The Spec

  1. An HPub publication is a normal .zip file with “.hpub” extension. Unpacked books are allowed.
  2. The content format must be HTML5.
  3. It must contain at least one HTML file with extension “html”.
  4. If more than one HTML file are included, the pagination order must be alphabetical.
  5. Any HTML file contained in subfolders must be excluded from the pagination order.
  6. All the assets (CSS, images, JS, …) must be included in the package and referenced relatively from the HTML5 files.

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