How to attract readers into slow reading ?

By | March 1, 2011

Today I had to read several documents for about an hour, so I took the opportrunity to use my ePaper eReader (iRex DR1000S). Since the iPad it has been a while I hadn’t used it.

I was than thinking, why do I prefer my iRex when I know I’m going to work longer ?

First I can make annotations because it has a pen.

Second, it displays nicely A4 documents with nearly no distortion.

But in fact it’s because I associate ePaper with “slow reading”.   An iPad is very cool for “fast reading”, you jump from page to page, back and forth, up and down. But when concentration is required those features become less relevant. You just need a “next page” button.

So there is a need for a lighter, different device when concentration is important. The question is : how often do you take the time to completely read a document ? When do you read for more than 30 minutes in the same document ?

“Slow reading” also asks the question of selecting a book. How are you goind to choose the ebook in the 1000s of eBooks out there. How are you going to find out that it’s what you need ? With your tablet ? With your PC ? But than you are already reading. Are you going to switch device ? When ? How ?

The technology at our disposal doesn’t solve that problem (yet). You’d need a Tablet to select what to read and and Paper to “slow read” it.

Only the entourage edge was going in this direction but I have read it has been stopped recently.

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