How to protect ePub eBooks ?

By | January 7, 2011
Our new eBook “Android Une Fois” is now on It’s ok, the only problem being that it’s written in French and I’d like to better reach French speaking customers…

So I have been thinking about other distribution mechanisms.

One of them would be to send the ePub by email after someone has paid me (BE money transfer).

But than, once it is send, how to avoid that the mail gets forwarded everywhere ?

I have been investigating a bit ePub protection. It seems there are several scenarios

  • Plain DRM : find an eBookstore that provides plain DRM on ePub files (like Adobe DRM)
  • Watermark (visible and invisible) an image (the cover or all images) in the ePub with the email of the customer. Easy to remove.
  • Watermark the text (visible and invisible) with the email of the customer (also easy to remove)
  • Digitally sign a file within the ePub

To be continued….

Any more ideas ?

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