Chinese e-reader price war is heating up

By | November 17, 2010

Chinese e-reader price war is heating up: “Digitimes are reporting that Hanvon, MReader, and other Chinese e-reader manufacturers have lowered their prices for the domestic Chinese market.

Hanvon Technology, currently the largest vendor of e-book readers in the China market, has lowered its retail prices by 200-300 yuan (US$30-45) on average, with the lowest price reaching 950 yuan, according to report by China-based Beijing Morning Post. The price war for e-book readers in the China market has kicked off and there are expected to be rounds of price-cut competition, the source cited China-based consulting company Analysys International as indicating.

In addition to Hanvon, fellow vendor MReader has cut the retail price for its S600 e-book reader to 999 yuan and another vendor Gorld has cut the price for its 500T to about 1,000 yuan.

If you’re thinking that $45 isn’t a big change, keep in mind that the Nook-Kindle price war only dropped the price $80, and that happened mainly becuase B&N wanted to price the Nook Wifi in relation to the Kobo e-reader.

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