The future of Desktop PC User Interfaces (UIs) ?

By | October 31, 2010

“On the desktop, application windows will disappear for full screen display and context navigation menus”.

This is my prediction. My daily use of smartphones, tablets and desktops shows me a big difference between devices. On the Desktop you work with windows, while on the other devices windows don’t exist.

When I browse the web with Firefox on mu PC I often switch to “Full Screen” and in order to access the browser functions I need to go back to normal. I believe in the future, context menus will come in the middle of the screen, making it unnesseray to look for the window frame, just like when you go full-screen on youtube you can move in the movie or when you touch your smartphone.

The next question is than : how to dipslay multiple applications at the same time ?

On Smartphones, this is mainly solved by the use of widgets that you can drop on your main view(s)…

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