KAOS at the Vlaams Software Platform (VSP) ?

By | October 27, 2010
On Nov 28 2010, Axel Van Lamsweerde will talk about “Requirements Engineering”.

Vlaams Software Platform (VSP): “14:20 Keynote: Requirements Engineering: What, Why and How?
Axel van Lamsweerde (UCL)
Poor software requirements have been recurrently recognized to be the major cause of project cost overruns, delivery delays, failure to meet expectations, or severe degradations in the environment controlled by the software. This talk will introduce what requirements engineering (RE) is about and discuss why RE for mission-critical systems is difficult and critical. A multi-view model-based approach to RE will be outlined to address many of the challenges raised by this activity.”

At the University, I learned the KAOS Methdology for requirements
analysis by following at the lecture of Mr Van Lamwseerde. The KAOS
methodology allows to model a system’s requirements by linking it with
its Goals. It’s a Goal Driven Requirements Acquisition Methodology.

I use KAOS in my eReading Architecture methodology.

If you are looking for specialized consulting on these methods, contact me or have a look at the following company : Respect-IT.be

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