Don’t touch my iPad, it’s my private life

By | September 6, 2010
This morning I read a good article about the pro and cons of the iPad (see What I love – and what I hate – about iPad | BetaTales

One of the good thoughts of this article is that an iPad is a personal device. Once an iPad is configured (email, twitter, facebook…), you don’t want to give it to someone else as he would immediately have access to your ‘secrets’.

This stresses once again the lack of security features on such devices.  In the future tablets will come with a multi-user login screen as on PCs. This will also make a process easier : the “rooting” or “jail-breaking” of your device. Logging in as ‘root’ will make it easier to configure the tablet. Having a real super-user access to a device that you own will become a real plus, especially for “enterprise” configurations for which apps aren’t to be found in the App Store…

Note that Google, with Chrome OS has got it right. After you have signed out of your Google account, you could give the device to someone else who would just have to sign-in to have access to HIS information.

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