What to do with a Chinese iPad ?

By | August 27, 2010

If you buy a Chinese iPad 135$, for sure you will not have the same quality as a 500$ iPad.

The battery, the touch interface, the screen size , the speed are not as good as an iPad.

However here are the things I found working very well:

  • Reading eBooks : with the Amazon Kindle or Aldico apps, reading ePub is very nice. I have succesfully imported the ePub version of Zelf eBooks Uitgeven van Wiebe De Jager.
  • Dedicated Android News Apps like FoxNews, Europort, Weather.com, Lesoir (developped by AppSolution)
  • Social apps like Twitter, Facebook
  • Email and Calendar (Gmail on Android)

On my Chinese iPad, (Eken M003) the following are  OK – look promissing – but could be better (mainly due to the pushy touch interface):

  • Google Maps
  • Videos : Youtube works only in Low res on my setup
  • Viewing Photos is a bit slow when the image is not at the right resolution
  • Taking notes : if you get used to the touch screen it becomes possible, but it’s not as smooth as on a real iPad

Conclusion : your satisfaction with an Chinese iPad will heavilly depend on the applications you use.

A proper configuration and guidelines on what to do/ not to do will make you happy.

And if you want more on Android, wait a bit to buy a better tablet like the Dune. But this is more expensive, more like an iPad…

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