Chinese iPad (Eken M003) : New Firmware and Android Market Problem Resolution

By | August 11, 2010
If you have bought a “Chinese iPad” (Eken M003) like me you might be disappointed when using it for the first time : Google is in Chinese, Android Market is not installed…

The good news is that you can change thisbu following this procedure:

1. Get the AndoidID from your device or from an emulator (requires to install and use the Android SDK). A procedure is described here:

and/or here

2. Install the Firmware

3. Put the AndroidID from step 1 back to your droid. (This is necessary otherwise all devices using the firmware have the same AndroidID, making it impossible to use the Android Market).

(Same link as point number 1)

Many THANKS to

If want me to do the procedure for you on your Eken, contact me :
I will also install some cool stuff for you so we have the same configuration.

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