How can Entreprises choose the right eReading technology : iPad, IRex, Kindle or something else ?

By | May 28, 2010
I follow everyday the news on eReading on the web and I have to say it’s a huge jungle.

For example : the iPad has been pushed in Europe this morning. has 
give us today a nice list of applications to use on the iPad for eBooks and Documents.

The new eReading devices (ePaper eReaders of Tablets) certainly allow us to increase our information consumption productivity. But how to choose the right configuration : hardware, software, integration with the back-ends (SAP, PeopleSoft, HR, CRM…) in order to actually speed up business processes and achieve the target ROI ?

After finishing playing with the iPad, people will ask themselves :”Ok how can I actually work with it ? How can I get the important information on my eReader to get my job done”. 

That’s why I work on a eReader Reference Architecture. This architecture
starts from the Actors, Roles and Business Processes in order to define
the requirements for the eReader tier such that it collaborates with the other systems out there.

I’m currently working on a eBook which describes this eReader Reference Architecture.

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