University students have difficulties learning on epaper

By | May 19, 2010

Distributing university courses on ePaper seems a very promissing idea. Here are 2 tests of ePaper in Universities:

  1. With the iRex DR1000S at the University of Amsterdam during the eReading Event : Annemieke van der Mark /Marketing docent Hogeschool van Amsterdam : Hoe ervaren studenten de e-reader voor hun studieboeken? Evaluatie van een praktijktest. PRESENTATIE

  2. With the Kindle DX at the University of Virginia (Darden School of Business)

Unfortunately, the results for ePaper were in both cases quiet negative…

In Amsterdam, students who could use an eReader went back to regular paper.

At the University of Virginia, the following quote resumes the “problem”:
“You must be highly engaged in the classroom every day,’’ says Koenig, and the Kindle is “not flexible enough. … It could be clunky. You can’t move between pages, documents, charts and graphs simply or easily enough compared to the paper alternatives.’’

We will need to find the right ergonomic setup for those devices such that they enable rather than slow down learning.

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