3 options for Reading from the Web on an eReader

By | April 26, 2010
Today, for the eReader Reference Architecture I modeled 3 options for reading from the web:

  1. If your reader has a browser and an Internet connection you can browse the web directly, as advertised for the iPad
  2. You could also browse the web, find something interesting and flag it as “Read Later”, as Instapaper does. Later you can create and download a document (PDF, ePub, HTML…) gathering all your “read later” pages. Today I modeled that the aggregated document is uploaded to your eReader via a Inbox Service (Service to Push documents to a eReader).
  3. An alternative to “Read Later” is the subscription to RSS feeds. I modeled that an RSS Agregator on the Desktop Tier creates a document (an ePub for instance) and uploads the aggregated document to your eReader, also via the Inbox Service.

Option 2 and 3 have the advantage that you can read the web off-line.

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