Neofonie helps you to make magazines for the WePad/iPad/notebooks/desktops…

By | April 23, 2010

In a recent blog post, I told about Woodwing which proposes a solution for making magazines on the iPad.

Here is an other one : the WeMagazine ePublishing Open Platform. 

Here is the google Translation of the product page (Originally in German):

“For publishers who want their print titles to offer digital, neofonie offers WeMagazine ePublishing Open Platform. The WeMagazine is a software system that is an intelligent, interactive and socially networked book in digital form on tablets such as the WePad or the iPad, desktops, notebooks, and the Web brings. The publishers can extend through the user output format and intuitive operation, the reading time compared to the web material and retain full control over the content.

The publishers can compensate for the loss of one page the reader in print through an innovative form of reading on new digital channels. On the other side by a very high quality and innovative presentation of print and online content, the Open Platform WeMagazine can counteract the trend especially in the growing Web-free mentality. This increase and the high recognition factor with a uniform user interface on all channels, customer loyalty especially in comparison to traditional, complex from a user perspective, Web services.”

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