ePaper Retail Solutions : Marisense and ZBD

By | February 23, 2010
ePaper has more application than eBooks for the publishing industry.  ePaper also offers solutions for the Retail Industry.

ePaper can be used to show product prices and promotions in the store and on the shelves.

Here are two suppliers who provide added value in the Retail Industry using “ePaper” : MariSense and ZBD.


Marisense‘s solution is called the Ella Retail Solution. “We [Marisense] believe that Ella Retail Solution introduces a brand new way to make your store operations more efficient and productive, and simultaneously improve customer satisfaction.”

Marisense makes Large and Shelf labels using eInk:

Images Source : http://www.marisense.com/

ZBD uses a technolgy called Zenithal Bistable Display (ZBD®). “ZBD  is the first commercially available LCD that uses surface bistability ZBD’s”. It’s a  “Completely new solution enabled by true electronic paper display technology that is flexible and thin, non-reflective, has excellent reading angle of over 170° and also optical characteristics similar to paper.”
“ZBD’s electronic shelf labelling solution empowers retailers with the ability to manage pricing, promotions and product information at the point of purchase, dynamically. We offer a total store solution that is simple to deploy, and cost-effective store-wide.

Replacing paper labels with ZBD’s electronic shelf labelling solution makes commercial sense, because updating paper labels is time-consuming, labour-intensive, and often error-prone. But that is only part of the story. The real benefit from ZBD’s solution is the control that retailers gain from the system.”

Image Source : ZBDSolutions.com

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