ePaper Demos Technology : Java or Adobe ?

By | January 19, 2010

Today, I’m looking at a technology for implementing some demos with the new eReader I have received yesterday. My objective is to demonstrate some showcases of a an ePaper Reference Architecture, therefore I want to develop/assemble a Desktop application, a kind of iTunes for eReader.

I currently face a dilemna: which technology to choose Java or Adobe (AIR) ? Both are portable.Both offer document workflow solutions, which I believe are very important elements.

Advantages of Java

  • Java is more open towards other Entreprise platforms like Alfresco or jBoss.
  • The Kindle is based on a Java Platform (see here
  • Other commercial document solutions like IBM FileNet are based on FileNet

Advantages of Adobe

  • Adobe clearly has an advantage when talking about generating PDF documents
  • Adobe AIR is flashy
  • Adobe also has solutions for Document Workflow

To be continued…

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